Cottonwood High class of 1988

Salt Lake City, Utah

The Following Alumni have deceased and we would like all of you to remember them.

Rebecca Boden

Robert Boud

Jared Dysart

Brett Ekberg

Kristin Haroldsen

Wendy Howells

Gary Maes

Richard Medeiros

Todd Stroud

Carl Stutz

Maria Tassainer

Ben Utley

Mindy Long

Alumni we are looking for.

Below is a list of all the Alumni we have not heard from as of 5/18/2008. If you are on this list and want to get off please email your full name (Including your maiden name), Phone #, and mailing address to

or call Ella @ 801-466-3548

The Alumni we have heard from are listed at the bottom of this page

Below is the list of Alumni that we have contact info for.