Memory Book

Cottonwood High class of 1988

Salt Lake City, Utah

We are putting together a memory book. We need your input and pictures.

Please download the Questionnaire fill it out and return to us.

When you get around to filling out the questionnaire for our memory book, feel free to skip the dance questions (or any others) if you can't remember -- we totally understand that we're all older now and our memories may not serve us very well anymore.

Now you ask what do I do with this document.

the easiest is to open the document up in Word and fill out the questions. If you have any picture that we are asking for you can insert them into the document or just email them which ever is easiest.

Once you are done just email the document back to us.

The cost of the Memory book is $15.00

Heather Hopkin Moss

Jodi Clark Ludlow